Transmission Service

Get a great quality gearbox or automatic transmission service at affordable costs with Advantage Mobile Mechanics

Don’t wait for something to go wrong with your automatic transmission, gearbox or differential when a transmission service by Advantage Mobile Mechanics is so convenient, quick and affordable. A transmission repair can cost a fortune, not to mention the inconvenience, yet automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes and differentials are components often overlooked until they actually develop a problem.

At Advantage Mobile Mechanics, we help you avoid a high cost transmission repair with our automatic transmission service and manual gearbox servicing.

Regularly check your fluid levels and top-up to specified levels. Low levels can cause accelerated wear to your transmission. It is important that these levels are correct to avoid the transmission to overheat and wear prematurely. Service your transmission regularly (we recommend annually or every 20,000 Kms). Over time, transmission fluid will deteriorate and harmful contaminants build up. Regular service and fluid and filter changes will keep your transmission healthier longer.

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