Battery Replacement

Car Not Starting?

Try our Car Battery replacement services across Melbourne

If your car is not starting, not turning over or flashes the charge light on your dash, chances are you may have a faulty Alternator, Starter Motor or Battery. Advantage Mobile Mechanics and Auto Electricians can promptly diagnose and repair as neccessary, be it as simple as cleaning or replacing battery terminals or as complex as tracing a battery drain. If your charging system is failing causing your battery to go flat, we not only stock a large range of car Batteries, but also Alternators to get you moving as quickly as possible.

For your peace of mind we supply a 12 Month/20,000 Km warranty on Battery Replacements and all new or reconditioned Alternators. Call us in Melbourne today and get your car back on the road! For a full car service or any car repairs across Melbourne, call us on 1800 444 218 to book online or check our availability.